In Celebration of Teams

I took a short break to unplug. I had limited success with completely unplugging from the internet and from work, but slowed down enough to get some perspective. The main thing that leaped out at me when I thought about the work I am involved in, is the team. You often see lists recognizing individuals (I have been fortunate and honored to be on some of these lists). I think it is time for some lists honoring great teams.
There are many different models to use as you consider your team dynamics and leadership style.

The Ushaverse team

I was asked several questions about leadership and teams, with one of the questions being;
what leadership advice would you give others?

I think It takes humility to listen, to look around and participate with your team. To see potential in others, to support and uplift without supplanting and dictating. As Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab says, compasses over maps.
Your leadership compass will be as unique as your team and you. It takes awhile to figure it out, but once you do, there is much joy in being a leader and being part of a great team. The culture you build is what will continue to inspire and guide you through difficult times. It forms the foundation on which you can build ecosystems, and yes…innovate.

As I get back to work and travel, I want to thank Rob Baker, Erik Hersman, Nat Manning, Daudi Were and the entire ‘Ushaverse’ team for pushing onwards and having my back when I needed to take a quick break. I am happily dialing back in with much excitement for all the work in store.