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I was trying out the delicious capability for daily posting, (Since i have been AWOL again)

US viewers: There is a documentary “Addicted to oil”by Thomas Friedman showing now on Discovery Times channel, check here for the times it will air. [some of the times are kind of ungodly, if you have Tivo, more power to ya]
He examines the other options in technology to reduce America’s dependence on oil, from Wind, Solar, hydrogen, fuel cells etc.

WC rant/Conversations…

I am abit agitated right now and almost threw my remote at my tv-watching the ABC pre-game commentary before the mexico vs iran game; just tooo annoying, plus i just wanted to lunge at the dude-Alexi Lalas with the bad mop of hair and pull it all out. ABC and ESPN2 have failed miserably in their coverage of the world cup. Their sportscasters suck. Kabinti – I feel you. She is abit more gracious than i feel about the WC coverage.
O.k i have to admit, i wasn’t very excited about the world cup…something changed. I asked my pal to record the opening ceremony and all of friday’s games since they were telecast in the morning. You know what?! ABC and ESPN did not telecast the opening ceremony. Then during the germany vs costa rica game the sportscaster (am just going to call them casters for the rest of this post) refers to how beautiful and amazing the opening ceremony was. Oh yeah? You are mentioning this now WHY? When you advertise and say that you will be covering the WC why the heck didnt you put disclaimers that you would only cover the things you think ‘American audiences’ would watch? Oh more true to form why didnt you just say that you stomp on the world cup spirit of unity by not even acknowledging or showing it all, better yet, just tell us that you step on daisies wherever you see them. Aargh. Just now, on ABC they show the players entering the field, then they go on commercial. I switch to telemundo, they are showing mexico and iran singing their respective national anthems. ABC doesnt want you to know that other countries have their own anthems that they are patriotic too?(Well, well, i know the ads have to be slipped in at some point…am ranting…) moving along. My cousin mentioned that during the England Vs Paraguay game that aired early saturday, a player was abt to score and the caster was talking about how Beckham is married to Posh spice of the Spice Girls. What?! Someone is abt to score El Stupido, STFU!, and if someone doesnt know who Beckham is married to…well, they should change the blinking channel and do not deserve to watch the WC. After reading Guess’s suggestion on Kabinti’s blog, i decided to check on BBC America to see if that is an alternative to the banter on ABC, Nada, zilch. For now its Telemundo for the pre-game video, back to ABC and ESPN for the live coverage, thank god today’s live-game-casters know a thing or two abt the game and dont talk incessantly about the US team and useless basketball , baseball or NFL american football analogies. Now if they had stretched it to include Nascar analogies…there is no telling what am capable of doing – Screaming soo loudly that glasses would break would be a good start.
Speaking of useless…
The following is a real conversation that took place on a friday (as told to me by cousin C)

A: Oh you know what?! Am excited abt the world cup!
B: What, you mean like golf?*

*How the heck do you confuse the golf classic cup and the world cup?
O.k well Mexico just scored, fans waving sombrero’s…well my rantfest is over. Oh one more thing…another convo during WC match between Germany and Costa Rica…
Girl: Who is that guy?
Boy: Who – the coach for Germany?
Girl: Is that who he is?
Boy: Yeah, Juergen Klinsmann…why?
Girl: Oh he is Cute…
Boy: (exasperated, almost angrily) It has no bearing to the game! If chupacabra was the coach you would hate the team?
Girl: Well yeah…

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Free Alaa, Egyptian Blogger

Via Mshairi and Black Looks.
Alaa Abd El-Fatah was arrested along with other activists in Egypt, Cairo. This is a very sad situation for Egypt, and for Africa as a whole.
Join the effort to bring awareness by and linking the word Egypt to the site

I have always wanted to visit Egypt, what with all the history, mystique and…Using the word egypt as many times as possible in a creative manner isnt as simple as i thought. I dont want to just type Egypt Egypt Egypt all over the place. Ok, i am sure egyptians would be kinda miffed at me starting to say things like..oh the pyramids of Egypt, oh the nile in Egypt, and oh the dates in Egypt– there are dates in Egypt right? Yummy ones too i bet. Moving along, the linen pants in Egypt – When i think of people wearing linen…guess what? its in Egypt. Oh the miraa in Egypt!I do not mean to make light of the situation in Egypt, iam serial, the egyptian government needs to support free speech and free Alaa. Please.


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