Thank you Monte Carlo


I had the immense honor of receiving an award that has been given to women in different industries over the last 5 years. The theme for this year’s event at Femme De L’annee was women in technology. To have my work over the years and current work in deploying technology for marginalized areas plus supporting other entrepreneurs in Africa recognized was humbling and encouraging. In looking back at how my journey has shaped up over the years, I have nothing but gratitude for my late dad, my uncle Mr. Singoei, my mum and the teachers who showed me that a love for science and knowledge was something to embrace. The many inspiring women and men that I have met and worked with over the years who’ve shown me that we can open up frontiers collaboratively and keep leaving dents on this universe. It was is an honor indeed and a kindness to my spirit any my heart as I continue my work this year.


To be honored under this theme of tech means a lot to me. Thank you to the selection committee of Femme De L’annee, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Cinzia, Owanto, Beatrice and the Walgreens Boots Alliance. Thank you for this honor of being Monte Carlo Woman of the Year, it encourages me to continue using technology to tackle challenges in Kenya and globally. To continue thinking of ways to bring constructive value to healthcare services through connectivity, working with partners to see which challenges we can tackle together.



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