On BRCK, Ushahidi and TED. Thank you all!

The last couple of weeks have been intense. Preparing for a TED talk is not easy, but with June Cohen, Kellie Stoetzel and Roxanne, I was better prepared and more confident than If I had not rehearsed with them. We had some moments where electricity would go out on my side in Nairobi and I would wish I had a BRCK with me. This is just a brief note to thank them for helping me, especially June for her encouragement, feedback and the invitation to speak.

There are others i did not mention in the talk, including Ory Okolloh,The Ushahidi Board, Reg Orton, Philip Walton, Jon Shuler, Mark Kamau and of course my family. I would be remiss if I did not correct that here at the very least. It is not with any ill intent that I did not include you in the talk, you all have my thanks and appreciation. I will be looking through the many comments on TED.com and also responding to feedback I’ve received directly from friends and colleagues in the tech space.

It is a long journey we are on, and I am especially happy to be part of the arc of technology in Africa. Ultimately, the hope is that we can make more, fix things and help each other. Onward.

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