Lift09: Vint Cerf

To say that I feel so lucky is an understatement. Let me just get this out of the way “omg omg omg I am listening to Vint Cerf speak!’
There will be millions of devices plugged into the internet. For example a sensor for his wine cell

ar, E.gArch Rock – Actuator’s needed to make the sensor turn it back on.
DNSSEC will have increased importance in the security of the web.

Vint loves sensors. He goes through a list of sensors he could add to his wine cellar, even the wine bottles.

It is my fault that we ran out of IP address space – Laughter from the audience.

cloud computing introduces the internet problem all over again. How can clouds talk to each other?

well, just watch this for yourself? I am seriously in awe. InterPlaNet sounds fantastically cool. In watching his talk, i am reminded to be curious, keep your mind expanding just like the universe is. I hope to see Interstellar internet at some point. If he’s not losing packets with InterPlanet, my guess is Insterstellar internet would be just as successful.


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