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There is an opportunity for African authors in the RE field to contribute to the World Wind Energy Association yearbook:2009/2010

WWEA is accepting contributions from the African continent, with a goal of creating comprehensive country reports and project examples of wind energy.

The yearbook will include special reports in the following areas:
1. Policies
2. Community Power Approaches and Social Acceptance
3. Industrial Trends
4. Financing
5. Grid Connected Systems and Wind Farms Onshore and Offshore
6. Integrating Renewable Energies
7. Small Scale Wind and Hybrid Systems
8. Wind Assessment and Prediction
9. Education and Training
10. Research and Development of Technology.

Dates, Deadlines and Information
– Final abstract deadline: 11 December 2008
– Final paper deadline: 15 January 2009
– Abstract and paper format: Word-Format (unformatted)
– Final paper maximum size: Five pages A 4

Please send your abstract, further requests and the paper to:
WWEA Head Office, Frank Rehmet, Chief Editor
Tel. +49-228-369 40 80 Fax: +49-228-369 40 84
E-Mail: fr [at] wwindea [dot] org

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