I phone Odds & Ends

Well, last october I let out a little rant about the Iphone, and how it did not make sense to me to buy it at the time. Basically, no 3G, not unlocked, i didn’t complain about the lack of a GPS chip though I should have…and we all know Wimax is a dream that will be realized in Uganda and other developing countries eons (in tech years) before the US. So later today, we find out if I and other demanding folks will get what they’ve been waiting for since bread was first sliced, paradigm was shifted, calories became free and all that good stuff.

Gosh there are always rumors with these Apple products…this one got me all Hallelujah-ing, and this one brought it down to ‘hmmm, really?’ type of mood. This mockup (via cultofMac)is just flat out hilarious….

Here is a URL i will probably be refreshing quite a bit today…The cult of mac Live blog of WWDC 2008 Keynote. Refresh and try to keep your underarms dry… I am using extra strength underarm deodorant to stave off the sweats. Heh.

Mea Culpa: 6/22/08 – I was upgrading wordpress…cleaning up spam and inadvertently deleted your comments, sorry about that.

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