Andrew Mwenda arrested by Ugandan Officials

Update:04/28/2008 “Andrew is out of jail on Bond, he has to report to the police tomorrow.”
Thanks for the good news Emeka

This piece of news via the TED blog is terribly worrisome. Andrew Mwenda, arguably Africa’s most refreshing intellectual and journalist, has been arrested by Ugandan officials. More here.

This is utter injustice, and i am not even sure where to begin. For now, highlighting it on this blog seems to be one way, please highlight it on yours too, and I am sure some initiatives and online campaigns are being organized. Keep an eye on the TED blog for Updates.

Below is a picture i took of him last year at TEDGlobal. He is the one in the middle with glasses,looking at the Mamamikes remittance site, and speaking with Segeni.
Mama Mikes Demo

3 thoughts on “Andrew Mwenda arrested by Ugandan Officials

  1. I remember watching his TED speech a few months back and thinking, this dude actually makes full sense. Of course the UG govt won’t make decisions in the interests of people when most of its funding is coming from AID. I also like the fact that he was able to give Bono a different perspective on what he was doing (No country has ever gotten wealthy using the begging bowl) and hopefully that will help all Westerners who sincerely want to help do so correctly.
    Best of luck to Andrew, if any petitions need to be signed or any word needs to get out there post it up on the blog and we’ll spread it.

  2. @Mwangi: What you call Mwenda’s perspective is, in fact, Museveni’s perspective. It’s been Museveni’s line for years. Decades, actually.

    Me, to be frank, I’m pissed about the attention Mwenda is getting. It’s not nearly the most-urgent case. Sure, he needs to get justice. But so does the rest of the world.

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