The Death of James Odhiambo – Kenya Post Election violence.

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Disclaimer: The following images are gruesome and disturbing. The humanitarian crisis is real and dire. Complete set of photos taken in Kakamega by Mr. Arunga are available here. The images include shots of the police station, showing the displaced taking refuge there, burning shops, vandalized petrol station and burned car.

The death of James Odhiambo

Onlookers and concerned citizens around the body of 24 yr old James Odhiambo, who was killed in the post election violence in Lurambi – Junction on the way to Shikoti, Kakamega, western province, Kenya. The gentleman in white (Brian) on the right worked with James at the petrol station as attendants and witnessed the shooting.
The death of Joseph Odhiambo
Close up of the bullet wound on the body of 24 yr old James Odhiambo. According to eye witnesses, he was walking to work when he met the GSU paramilitary. Mr. Odhiambo continued to walking towards towards the GSU as he thought he could talk to them and find out what is happening. According to eyewitnesses, he was shot without even though he was not violent or doing anything that would indicate he would be a threat to the GSU. The witnesses tried to contact the police so they could come and pick up the body, but the police said that they did not have fuel for the vehicle. As of the writing of this post, the late James Odhiambo was buried yesterday in Homa Bay, Nyanza province. Brian and other friends from the area traveled to Homa Bay to comfort the family. If you would like to help the family directly, please do not hesitate to contact Brian Oluoch at +254 724 912015. Mr. Odhiambo was the sole breadwinner for his family…Any contributions towards their well being is appreciated.

Pictures were taken by Mr.Michael Arunga, who works for World Vision in Darfur, and was on holiday at the time. He witnessed the burning of a kikuyu owned property, as shown in this photo.
Burned store

**The decision to post the pictures here and to tell this story is partly because the pictures were sent to editors of newspapers in Kenya, they did not run them or cover the story. As people try to get back to ‘normal’ life around the country, it is important to remember that there is no normal for a lot of people in Kenya.

5 thoughts on “The Death of James Odhiambo – Kenya Post Election violence.

  1. At the height of this chaos the media had their tails tucked between their legs and now they are trying their best to sweep all this under the carpet slowly but surely and would rather focus on issues that would bring less anger among the public.
    By the way you also forget who owns the media houses, yes well connected political people who dont want to stir the waters…

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  3. Odhiambo died and was buried. He was bread winner of his family. The coalition government came together and Kenyans have quickly forgotten. I took these images at the height of the post-election crisis. It is sad that the family lost their source of support. Those who killed need to be forgiven but exposed. I wonder what the family are still feeling, when everybody else has forgotten. ( Michael Arunga)

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