“People are suffering”

This is a video i recorded last Thursday before leaving Eldoret. It has been included on the Ushahidi website, and i urge others who have pictures, video or text to please upload them
We converse in Swahili and English, where i asked a few questions and he was kind to oblige. Many thanks to Wilson for his candor and for giving me permission to share his thoughts with you.

One thought on ““People are suffering”

  1. Great interview AfroM. Irene translated for me. The guy was very adamant that the election was not the root problem … tribal hatred was. The election sounds like more a spark that ignited the powder keg. It was heartening to hear him say though that 15 year olds do not know about tribes. Might this problem (tribal conflict) lessen as Kenya grows as a democracy? As younger generation becomes Kenyan as opposed to Kikuyu, Luo, or Kalenjin? One can only hope.

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