Quick update from Eldoret, Rift Valley

– hi everyone, in Eldy, lots of tension though it has eased as it is daylight now, some people sought refuge in churches and police station last night and are still there this a.m saw some people carrying their belongings, will upload pics shortly if i can.
Yesterday, saw a mob of youth >300 crossing through farms, walking in a single file line. They later walked back after a few hrs.
Later in Kapsoya there were screams and people milling around.
-Just received an SMS from Safaricom that reads
â??The ministry if Internal security urges you to please desist from sending or forwarding any SMS that may cause public unrest. This may lead to your prosecutionâ?
-Continued media ban on live broadcasts
-Houses were burned in the last two days, things seem calmer now, though in Langas, people are still fighting and supposedly even more killed last night. Talked to a guy who lives there, says the leaders need to come there, one rep of the following languages: Luhya, Kalenjin, Kikuyu, put up a white flag and appeal for peace. “Radio appeals do nothing to calm that particular part of Eldoret”. In addition peopleâ??s heads are supposedly lying about and it is terrible.
-Govt spokesmanâ??s words seem very hollow considering the situation on the ground. Long queues at Uchumi in Eldoret, some parts of town completely deserted.
-No fuel.
-I think Eldoret airport is still operational (as of confirmation yesterday)
-ATMâ??s still working though – Barclays on Uganda Road.

6 thoughts on “Quick update from Eldoret, Rift Valley

  1. Iâ??m not being an alarmist, but the information I have about the Burnt Forest/Eldorest area is very volatile. Iâ??m asking you to post this on your blog so that Kenyans across the world can rally international governements, media houses, etc. We need to get the word out – Approximately 40-50K people are holded up at the compounds of ST. PATRICKS CATHOLIC CHURCH and ARNESENS HIGH SCHOOLl, both in Burnt Forest. There is no running water, food and ELECTRICITY has been cut. THIS MEANS THAT PEOPLE CANNOT RECHARGE THIER CELL PHONES and soon weâ??ll not be able to contact them. Also, due to the chaos/anarchy in these compounds, people, especially women are not any safe. There has been reports of rapes and molestations. Iâ??ve also heard that the Eldoret highway has been closed by thugs and that there is no transportion, hence people cannot leave this area. My family in that area feels very helpless and we can only ask that we spread the world and try and get some security in the area. Please contact me via emial if you need to confirm. I’d be very interested to hear from you seeing as you are in Eldoret.

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