The Nest Home Limuru – An appeal to all bloggers.

Please take a look at this baby. Her name is Lucy. The story of how she came to nest home home is one that is not easy for anyone to read, but read we must.

She was a few months old when she was raped. Defiled. Mangled.
The horror of what happened to this little baby is indescribable. I only ask that you look at this picture of her,

Baby Lucy

and think of what good we can all do to counter the evil that could befall her.

She is being cared for by the wonderful caretakers at The Nest Home in Limuru. Please keep her in your thoughts and if you have the means please donate to the Nest.

flag-kenya.jpg Bank Account in Kenya:
The Nest Home Charitable Trust
Kenya Commercial Bank-Village Market
Account No. 260760292
Swift Code : KCBLKENX 011

or by sending a check to

The Nest
P.O. Box 605 – 00621
Irene Baumgartner in Kenya – Tel: +254 (0)721-437893

Whenever you are in Kenya, please visit her and the other wonderful children at the Nest.

As she grows, may she be able to dance and sing with the other children like this.

We can counter the bad in our world, one person, one blog, one link at a time.

To see an overview of the Nest Home compound, please click here for a video taken by JKE (who told us about the nest home)

Thank you kindly, on behalf of Afrigadget authors.

9 thoughts on “The Nest Home Limuru – An appeal to all bloggers.

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  2. I think we need to do more to help the less fortunate members of the society. I felt guilty walking past crippled beggars in Tom Mboya street today, yet I could have done something to help the them ease their suffering. God willing, I hope one day I will make these people’s life more meaningful.

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  5. How is little Lucy doing now that it’s a year later. Do you have a current picture. I lived in Nairobi and cared for a little one that also had been badly abused..

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