Knife Sharpening Bicycle – Afrigadget post by Ntwiga

I would like to direct you to a post by Steve, one of the other Afrigadget bloggers (by the way, do visit Steve on fridays for great music from Africa) The post includes a video showing the Knife Sharpening Bicycle. Get today’s dose of African Ingenuity by visiting Afrigadget.

2 thoughts on “Knife Sharpening Bicycle – Afrigadget post by Ntwiga

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  2. dear friend, KSB was a common tool in Europe until say 1970-80. Nowdays in Europe manpower costs more then electricity. You could hear the cry of the sharpener and of the umbrella-repairer in your street at intervals. I presume in Africa you don’t need so much umbrella repairing.
    Anyway it seems that your technology is only a 30 years behind us, run baby run.

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