Believe, Begin Become Press conference.


Dr. Larry Brilliant Executive Director of, President of Tanzania Jakayo Kikwete and Bruce McNamer CEO of Technoserve.

June 7th 2007 launch of Believe-Begin-Become program in Tanzania.
Bloggers were invited into the press conference. Ethan Z has an excellent summary, Ndesanjo wrote about the press conference in Swahili, and I took a few photos.

The programs√Ę?? goal is to support the youth in entrepreneurial pursuits by providing training, networking, and mentoring through technoserve and in partnership with the government. The plans they are looking for through business plan competitions in Tanzania, ought to be fundable and workable. For more on the program please click here.For Tanzania specific information, please click here. The site includes FAQ’s, rules and more information.
President Jakaya Kikwete√Ę??s comments during the press conference and also during the TED global address showed that he is a leader with an open mind, engaging and committed to market liberalization. He struck me as a new breed of African leader, who engenders progressive ideals.

Update:June 9th. Link to All Africa story.

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  2. @guest – The proof is in their actions….TZ economy has grown and in the few hours i had in Arusha, I could tell that that there is more construction and trade going on. I was there in 2002, the place is definitely different – I know its anecdotal but look into TZ more. Kikwete might just surprise you!

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