TED Global Day 2 – Emergent Design

I am attempting the live-blog thing, but i do have to point your mice to the Long haired king of live blogging events ‘My Heart is in Accra’

Fractals, Design and Africa

!! Indeed !!

Design cornrows using transformational geometry. Click here.
Ron Eglash spoke on looking at fractals in African architecture and design. For non comp sci people, fractals make for some of the most beautiful designs. For African geeks, egm and mathematicians, get the book.
TED Global 2007 feels like a seminal moment in Africa.

Russell Southwood: Balancing Act Africa
Looking at cities and ‘real news’ about Africa, he sees an affluent Africa emerging. A picture of modern looking Abuja and cultural expression in Nollywood.

Favourite quote – “What is an Ipod? Its a hard disk with hot pants.”

Chris Anderson to African designers “Please do not copy the west”. I like that. Could we have the kenyan rappers heed his  call please?

One thought on “TED Global Day 2 – Emergent Design

  1. Dang, this is becoming too scary! I have become too predictable! And you know what? You are so on point. Not only do I know of that book, but it’s on my Amazon wish list as well! Now I think I’ll go on and buy it. Talking of it, there’s also this book Africa Counts by Claudia Zaslavsky which I have and am currently reading. It does a great job talking about Mathematics in the African context. Now I’m headed off to do an egm makeover… time to become unpredictable!

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