7 thoughts on “Wapi? #2

  1. I have no idea! But methinks, structure of building, long corridors, staircase at the very end, doors at the end of room, windows high up in the wall = a school.

    Then ofcourse their’s the multicolourered walls on each floor – a school in Coast?

  2. @Ichiena, it is an institution of learning though not at the coast – well, its in Nairobi, how is that for a hint?

    @Prousette: Happy New Year to you too, i hope yours got to a roaring start! – UoN it aint, though very close, it does offer a diploma in Architecture…

  3. I know this one, I think that it is private school in Lavington that also does kindergarten teacher training. I forget the name. It is off the street right that runs upwards away from Lavington Green.

    The name will come to me in a bit.

    (Nairobi Primary is my backup guess).

    – Steve

  4. Oh my, i think this is a good one! its in westlands, near cafe 64. I am soo enjoying stumping steve for once!! (Jumping up and down in glee) I shall reveal it tomorrow….:)

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