International womens day.

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Today i honor all the women in my family, immediate and extended, especially my aunt Mrs. S. She reminds the younger members of the family that education is a lifelong endeavour. She graduated with a masters degree last year, all the while taking care of 4 children, well they are adults now… She concentrated on research on a little known genetic disease that afflicts a small number of kenyans including our cousin K. She started a support group for families who are dealing with a similar situation, sharing information and techniques on how best to provide care. I salute, celebrate and applaud you today, you inspired me from when i was little; you still do with the grace and strength of spirit, your *voice – imparts love with every word spoken.

*When she picks up the phone, she says hello, and i can hear the love in her voice (dunno if that makes sense…it does to me)

** IWD is not limited to women celebrating, guys, feel free to celebrate the women in your lives by writing afew lines on your blog this week, the actual IWD day is Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “International womens day.

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  2. Thank God for women like your aunt. Representing us everywhere! Thank you for sharing her story with us today . . .

  3. Thanks you all…i hope you had a good day too! i wasnt able to get to and comment on more of the blogs, the ones i did get to were soo moving, this is indeed a special day.

  4. Something I noticed too, none of the KBW guys did any tribute -I suppose as women we were a bit ‘aware’ of it.

    Happy Late IWD Afro – and to all your heroines, and family, and friends.

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