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Chardust Ltd. is an alternative energy company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. We’ve developed innovative techniques to convert biomass wastes into low-cost charcoal briquettes. We sell over 200 tonnes per month into institutional and domestic markets in Kenya, displacing an equivalent amount of unsustainably harvested lumpwood charcoal. At the same time as providing a cheaper energy alternative, this contributes to job creation, waste recycling and environmental conservation.

At Chardust we also manufacture water heaters that use our briquettes, enabling savings of over 70% to be made over water heated with electricity

For more on this initiative in Kibera, please click here.
Alarming fact also in the article

Charcoal production and other industrial uses of wood have shrunk the country’s forests by more than 80 percent since the country’s won indepedence from Britain in 1963, according to the environment ministry.

During my last visit, i noticed (as have most of you) that there are definitely less trees in kenya. We seriously need to plant more trees especially if the rains come in April.

A question for you *KT’s and KR’s, keyboard/pajama activists, bloggers, would you donate/pay 5 dollars or more on a site to pay for reforestation – such that someone in Kenya is paid a dollar for each tree they plant; be it on public or private property?

*Kenya tourist – diaspora , Kenyan Roots – pple who live and work in kenya – abbreviations inspired by M’s Post.

8 thoughts on “Chardust Briquettes

  1. $5 for reforestation? Count me in. There are companies based in Kenya who are involved in fund raising for forestation, maybe we can investigate them for a suitable partner?
    Chardust looks very interesting. Thanks for the link.

  2. Tree planting ( is becoming another divide between the have’s and the have not’s. The poor use all their land for food and (maybe) some cash crops, while those with excess land can devote acreage to trees for several years and reap the huge profits that mature trees can deliver.

    The poor expect others to plant trees or the forests to always be there – and it is embedded in African culture i.e kids are sent out into the forst to collect firewood for cooking.

    So the group of KT’s and KR’s must create a sense of ownership among the community where the project will be based.

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  4. Don’t make fun of my pyjamas!

    Yes, totally. Create a site and I will flood my friends, acquaintances, and random strangers with requests. Can’t let the Christian networks get all the money now, can we?

  5. @Bankelele, thank you for the information and you do bring up a very important point, do you have any suggestions of where we can start? I am bila clue, keep an eye and ear out and let us know what would fit the bill (KT’s and Kr’s having a sense of ownership) Just brainstorming at this point, but ultimately would be glad to see it happen.

    Mental keguro and Whis, thank you, its very encouraging… i will share more information of how this little project can get going, suggestions, ideas, contributions…oh so needed.the domain name is available, will let you know once i get something set up. If there is someone out there who wants to work on this with me, please email me! afromusing at gmail

  6. Tax benefit: The Standard today reports that Panpaper will receive a 5% tax waiver for planting 600,000 ha of trees and the project will be financed through the IFC. Perhaps more corporates can be enticed?

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