jeebus jumping terawatts!

From wikipedia

Africa is home to the over 9 million km² Sahara desert, whose overall capacity â?? assuming 50 MW/km² day/night/cloud average with 15% efficient photovoltaic panels â?? is over 450 TW, or over 4 million terawatt-hours per year. The current global energy consumption by humans, including all oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, and hydroelectric, is pegged at about 13 TW.

3 thoughts on “jeebus jumping terawatts!

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  2. Conceivable but …. practical? Who would put up the capital? Plus, the political pressure from the oil companies would be insurmountable. Great idea though.

    karibu whis. I was just reading up on Eskom of South Africa, i think they are working on a solar power plant, will do a post on that once i get the info together. Political pressure? hmm, i was thinking things can be kidogo clande, but its rather hard to hide a humongous series of panels lol.

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