where is this?

Steves’ got me stumped, so i am passing this on to you…Where is this?
Be sure to check out Kikuyu moja for more pics, see if you can tell where his latest pic is from...What are we going to call this? photo merry-go-round?

Update: It is St. Andrews, steve is that their website? and how did you get the architects sketch?
wins this round!

13 thoughts on “where is this?

  1. I am not sure what we can call it BUT I am sure you will think of something catchy.

    A couple of hints.

    + This building is real old, I mean real real old. The drawing here is the architect’s sketch for construction.

    + And yes, it is a church. In fact, the curving staircase at the to mid-right/bottom rightwould give the game away completely to anyone who has ever been there.

    + finally, a snapshot of the steeple as it looks today.

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