Odds and Ends

Iam still getting the run around at the embassy, since monday is moi
day, i have to wait till tuesday, and as a pal of mine says…I will be
on them like white on rice. I am on hold with them so often, that i
would like to suggest they change their hold music to
ogopafunkijazzynisation.(You can get it here)

Concerns about the avian flu pandemic have me wondering whether to postpone an impending trip, for now it just remains that – a concern. Condolences, 1300 dead in asia due to the earthquake, Africans killed in the desert, while trying to cross into spanish enclave in morocco, hunger strikes at guantanamo, the tragedies never seem to end.

Well, perhaps honeysoul referenced a different type of swahili,
but i do not think “Dwele” means “God has brought me” in swa. Perhaps
it does mean that in a different language (a nigerian language perhaps?)

Just check this out.

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