Blog Day 2005

5 bloggers to recommend to you…

Eric Umansky – He writes todays papers for slate,
some observations that he makes on how american papers cover the news
that dont make it into TP are put on his blog. He has a very keen eye
for details (included or missed) and also has great online resources if
you are interested in really understanding stuff that is going on

Witty! and absolutely thorough. A wizard with humor and detail. His
series on the state world economy was definitely interesting if abit
complex – The chicken and the egg series(had to read some passages twice). He has a knack for history too. Brilliant.

Koranteng Toli – (via KenyaPundit)
Techy, literary, African, with a musical bent. He has other categories
that you can check out on his blog. Check out his post on strange bedfellows. Its abit long, It helps if you print it out…You probably wont put it down. Eye opening.

Timbuktu chronicles – (via Bankelele)Emeka
okafor (no, not the basketball player)covers the ideas and solutions
that will catapult Africa into a self reliant continent or let me put
it this way….the ideas that will continue the African renaissance.

Andrews Ghetto Blog. Its hilarious.

Piga Ndebe for BlogGodPapa , Mawazo na Mawaidha and also Nchi Yetu Daily.
(just kinda felt like making some noise.) Piga Ndebe for all KBW
bloggers too, the entertainment and thought you guys bring to the
blogosphere is amazing!

9 thoughts on “Blog Day 2005

  1. I
    liked Koranteng’s Toli the best. He has interesting observations upon
    the marketing of consumer products! But I did note striking
    similarities between the listed life interests in the profile of Emeka
    Okafor (doesn’t he play in the NBA?!) and one Ms. Afromusing. Hum … .

    Is “toli” a Swahili word? I like it.

  2. lol! jjr.
    toli is ghanaian. I think he describes it as meaning
    n. 1. A juicy piece of news. 2. The latest word or gossip. 3.The talk
    of the town, typically a salacious or risque tale of intrigue,
    corruption or foolishness.”

  3. I read Koranteng Toli’s blog the other day and it was just great! This is a great list, Afromusing.

    p.s. thank you, thank you, thank you (I will send an e-mail to thank you directly, however, thank you!)

  4. Koranteng Toli is one that shines through the field. His post on “Drum Magazine 1960” portray a writer who isn’t scared to take some risks. That post is my favourite so far. What next? With his somewhat obscure choice of topics, there is no point in trying to guess

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